Sunday, 21 August 2011

initiative of youths for a cause!!!with Anna hazare

Youths have become sensitive.lot of morphic changes from generation to generation,mob psychology proving its theory of positivism.youths were labeled for fun and recreation in spite of responsibility from the society..between the ignorance youths have proved lot of all fields of technical and its to prove morally by awakening of their right duty and make the mob with them to work within it...
its the reap of mob physcology where all over the country and abroad too fighting against corruption...Rather calling it as Anna Mania I call it as awakening of one's duty.
every common man have his own constraints  and strategy for this'd fight for his academical corpution,one'd fight for imbalance of government sector and bribe in it,one'd fight for his area's development or one'd fight against his leader who is matter what the cause each individual work for, but at last all channel will reach a point of intersection that to RID the corruption and make nude the people doing it..
really this was needed to progressive country like India...where authorities looting the common man,massacre,wars in the name of caste and religion...many was needed and now its happening.
atlest, its time to come out and fight for the rights which will make future generation smoother their life and this is the valuable gift we can give them than the properties....
Kiran Bedi,Arvind kejriwala,Bhushan and co,justice hegde..a heart full salute for people working beyond every thing with Anna...deep gratitude for them..
At least wake up now!!who are still sleeping,who put up their responsibility on others or who are spectators.
please for your sake!!

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